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About Us :: Red Falcon Run
Our Bi-Weekly Tournament Starts at $50.00
Current Prize is $50.00!!!
Tim Murosky

Tim Murosky - Director/Producer/Concept Creator

Tim Murosky is the Owner, CEO, Director, and Producer for Mabus Games and Red Falcon Run. Tim is also the concept creator, and lead game designer for Red Falcon Run. He is proficient with programs such as UDK, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Premier, and various recording programs for sound design and music. Tim loves building game levels in UDK, and building environments and game assets in 3ds Max, along with character animation, in addition to storytelling and creating game ideas. Tim is very capable with team building, and project management. For fun, Tim likes to write music, and create and play video games. Tim is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division.


Contina Scott - Lead Game/Web Programmer

Contina Scott is a Christian who loves to develop indie games using different programs. She is a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Game Art and Design. She works with different programming languages for development in Flash, Mobile, and HTML5 games. Contina also digitally paints realistic and stylized scenes. Some of her favorites are concept arts for backgrounds and portraits. She also likes to model in 3D using different popular software. Her hobbies are reading comics and playing games. Last, but not least, she is a nice person and an easy teacher.

Matt Hockensmith

Matt Hockensmith - Game Programmer

Matt Hockensmith has been dreaming of creating his own games since he was old enough to hold a Nintendo controller. That interest culminated in his pursuit of a Game Art and Design degree at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division where he focused on conceptual art. When presented with the task of actually developing his own games however, he discovered a passion for programming that he never knew he had. While matt is still passionate about art and design, his focus has shifted to programming. He currently works in the gambling and casino industry as a Game Programmer, along with several independent projects as a Lead Programmer. Matt utilizes Unity, Flash, and Visual Studio in the creation of his games. His preferred language is C#, but he also works in Java, Actionscript 3, and C++.

Tom Murosky

Tom Murosky - Website Development/SysAdmin

Thomas Murosky is a small business web designer and developer focusing on small and startup business web design and technology consulting. What started as an evening hobby in the late 1990’s launched into a full time business venture in 2010 with the founding of Western Mountain Web Design and Murhost Small Business Hosting Solutions. In that time, Thomas worked with larger teams on QA and UI/UX for larger companies while completing websites for over 100 small businesses. Thomas is also a writer and blogger and general computer technical expert.

Brian Estremera

Brian Estremera - Visual Effects/Character Design

Brian Estremera is the 2d Artist/ Concept Artist behind Red Falcon Run. He loves to illustrate in Photoshop and often spends hours scrounging for artists and artwork that speaks to him. He is fluent in both 2D and 3D art, having worked extensively in both Photoshop and 3Ds Max. Brian loves to design characters and environments, and appreciates the hidden details that often go unseen. When he is not drawing he is usually playing video games, and does occasional freelance work.

Garrick Horton

Garrick Horton - UI Design

Garrick Horton is currently enrolled in the Game Art & Design Bachelor’s of science program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has been drawing since he was a child and has always aspired to make a career out of his passion for art. Graphite drawing is the artistic area in which Garrick is most comfortable, but has many talents and skills beyond this.


BA Sparks - Artist

Recent graduate of Art Institute Online with a Bachelors in Science majoring in Game Art and Design. A jack of all trades that focuses on the artistic side of game development savvy in all things 2D and 3D. Versed in Digital Painting, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Unreal and Unity Engines. On A personal note BA is a Christian who enjoys long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick, and does not enjoy having his picture taken.

Zach Trahan

Zach Trahan - Sound Design

Zach has been into gaming since the Atari gaming system, he was here when Pac-Man was introduced to the world, and has enjoyed watching the gaming industry grow to what it is today. Some of the things Zach likes to do, is game development, and create music and sound. He has worked with software such as UDK, Unreal Engine Editor, Blender, Photoshop, World Machine, MakeaHuman, Acid Pro, and Fruity Loops to name a few. Zach is really into the creation of the gameplay environment, levels, worlds and just about anything that has to do with computers. Additionally, Zach enjoys working and manipulating different sounds to go into the worlds/levels. Just recently he joined a very good team of people at Mabus Games to work with on sound design for game development for Red Falcon Run. Zach has about 8 years of experience working and messing around in game development engines like UDK, and more than 20 years of experience creating music and sound.

Free Tournament Registration. - - - All New Registered Accounts Receive Four (4) Free Credits!!! - - - All Registered Players Receive One (1) Free Credit Per Week.