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Gameplay :: Red Falcon Run
Our Bi-Weekly Tournament Starts at $50.00
Current Prize is $50.00!!!


W : Faster

S : Slower

A : Turn Left

D : Turn Right

Space Bar : Shield

Mouse : Aim

Left Click : Fire

How to Play:

Use the Mouse to aim the crosshair where you want to shoot, and press the left mouse button to fire your plasma cannon.


If you destroy a Lizillrian Attack Ship you get 100 points! If you do not destroy the Attack Ship you lose 20 points.

Lizillrian Attack Ships

If you destroy a Lizillrian Mother Ship you get 500 points! No penalty if Mother Ships are not destroyed.

Lizillrian Mothership

If you destroy a Lizillrian Bonus Ship you get 1000 points, a Plasma Cannon Upgrade, and 25 Extra Rounds of Ammo!

If you do not destroy the Bonus Ship your Plasma Cannon will be downgraded!

Lizillrian Bonus Ship

For every second you spend over normal speed you get 100 extra points... so go fast to boost your score. If you go too slow you will lose 50 points per second.

Player Ship

Weapon Upgrades:

Single Shot: This is your primary weapon. When all else fails, you always have your trusty Plasma Cannon.

Weapon Upgrade 1

Dual Shot: This is your First weapon Upgrade. The Plasma Cannon will fire a dual shot making it easier to hit the target.

Weapon Upgrade 2

Triple Shot: This is your Second Weapon Upgrade. The Plasma Cannon will fire three rounds in different directions.

Weapon Upgrade 3

Arc Wave: This is your Third Weapon Upgrade. The Plasma Cannon will fire a wave of plasma energy much wider than the standard cannon round.

Weapon Upgrade 3

Dual Laser: This is your Fourth Weapon Upgrade. The Plasma Cannon will fire a large plasma laser burst to destroy the Lizillrian enemy ships.

Weapon Upgrade 5

Plasma Ball: This is your Final Weapon Upgrade. The Plasma Cannon will fire a giant plasma ball to destroy anything and everything in its path.

Weapon Upgrade 6

The Lizillrians:

Attack Ships:

Lizillrian Attack Ships

100 Points

Mother Ships:

Lizillrian Mother Ships

500 Points

Bonus Ships:

Lizillrian Bonus Ship

1000 Points
+25 Ammo
Weapon Upgrade

Game Over Conditions:

The game will end if you take too much damage from enemies. Attack and Bonus Ships will ram you and shoot at you. You can take 5 hits before your ship explodes.

If you run into a wall your ship will be destroyed instantly, and the game will be over.

If you run out of ammo the game will end. A message will flash to let you know when you are almost out of rounds. Shoot a bonus ship to keep the game going.

Game Screen:

Game Screen

Your final score is determined by your number of points multiplied by the number of seconds that you play. So the longer you go, the more you score!

May the Best Player Win!

Free Tournament Registration. - - - All New Registered Accounts Receive Four (4) Free Credits!!! - - - All Registered Players Receive One (1) Free Credit Per Week.