Our Bi-Weekly Tournament Starts at $50.00
Current Prize is $50.00!!!

Tournament Rules

Credits and Competition Cycles

Competitors must have at least 1 credit to play in competition mode.
Minimum purchase is 8 credits at a cost of $2.00.
Competitors may make as many purchases as they like, but are only permitted to purchase 8 credits at a time.
All new tournament registrations receive 4 free credits for the tournament.
All registered players receive 1 free tournament credit per week.
The competition runs from Monday 12:01 AM EST and ends two Sundays later at 11:00 PM EST (or 13 days, 22 hours, and 59 minutes).
Any credits that are not used in the competition during the cycle in which they are purchased will be deleted when the competition restarts for the next cycle.
Credits may not be purchased between 10 PM EST and 12 AM EST on the Sunday night in which the tournament cycle ends. Purchasing functionality will be disabled during this time.


Red Falcon Run is a cash prize competition of player skill, which tests reflex time and the ability to navigate successfully while countering enemy attacks.
The competition starts every other week with a minimum cash prize of $50.00.
For every 8 credits purchased at a cost of $2.00, the cash prize is increased by $0.50.
When the cash prize reaches $900.00 it has reached the maximum bi-weekly prize.
The first place, second place, and third place competitors for the cycle will split the prize.

  • First Place earns 50% of the prize for a minimum prize of $25 and a maximum prize of $450.00.
  • Second Place earns 30% of the prize for a minimum prize of $15 and a maximum prize of $270.00.
  • Third Place earns 20% of the prize for a minimum prize of $10 and a maximum prize of $180.00.

Prizes will be paid out via check to the mailing address provided within two tournament cycles after the tournament ends. Mabus Games, LLC. reserves the right to hold checks, cancel checks, or postpone payment.


The winners for the previous cycle will be barred from competing in the current cycle to allow other competitors the opportunity to win.
The competitor's highest current score is the score that is used.
Competitors are not allowed to rank in more than one place on the leaderboard. This means if the competitor earns a lower score than their previous score, the higher score is used.
Competitors cannot hold first, second, and third place at the same time.
Competitors are only permitted one account per competitor.
Competitors must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the tournament.
Competitors from Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee are not permitted to compete in the Red Falcon Run Tournament due to conflict with state laws regarding games of skill for cash prizes.
Competitors are responsible for complying with their state laws, and agree to assume liability for their actions if found in conflict with their state laws.

Server Crash Procedure

In the event of server failure, all players will receive 1 free tournament credit, and the tournament will be reset to the most recent state according to our records.

Conditions May Change

We at Mabus Games reserve the right to change the rules of the competition as we see fit in order to make a better experience for all players

We at Mabus Game reserve the right to delete and ban accounts of players under suspicion of cheating. If a player is suspected of cheating their score will be removed from the leaderboard. Under this condition player positions on the leaderboard will be adjusted to reflect the removal of a suspicious score.

Free Tournament Registration. - - - All New Registered Accounts Receive Four (4) Free Credits!!! - - - All Registered Players Receive One (1) Free Credit Per Week.